Born in 1968 in San Sebastian, Spain. Mikel studied dance at the Folkwang Hochschule, Essen (1994).

He has worked as freelance choreographer and dancer in his own work and for other choreographers, doing more than 50 dance-theater pieces and performances in his own in; Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Uk, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Island, Poland, Macedonia, Croatia, Check Republic, Hungary, Romania, Estonia, Russia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Thailand and India.

He has also worked as a full time Dancer for Sasha Waltz (2001/05) and Dv8 Physical Theater (2005/07) and for other Choreographers like Noemi Lapzeson (Vertical Dance), Guillerme Bothelo (Alias Companie), Fabienne Berger, Benoit La chambre, Fearghus O’Conhuir, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Fabrice Ramalingom, Caterina Inesi and Ben J. Riepe.

In 2017 he made the choreography for Orphee & Euridice in the Opera de Dijon, France. Directed by Maelle Poesy, opened in January, for Emese Csornai as a dancer in the piece „Stranger“ which was premiere in February 2017 in Berlin and made the Choreography “Neutrois” for Dantzaz company in San Sebastian/Renteria, Spain. Right now he is working on a new version of “Sans Titre” piece about AIDS made 20 years ago. The new piece will be premiere in Geneve’s Theater Galpón, on the 1st December this year (International AIDS day) and is a co-production with Marcela San Pedro.

He has also being invited from Thomas Ostermeier as a Choreographer for the piece „Dead in Venice“.

He has been teaching dance and improvisation in many dance studios (Italy, Spain, France, Ireland and Germany), Dance Universities (UNA in Costa Rica, UEM in Madrid) different Universities in Berlin (Design, Architecture, Jazz, UDK) and schools. In the last 15 years he has work intensively with children and teenagers and made more than 20 choreographies.

He has work several times with all abilities people (most of them with Down syndrome in their different states and some very advanced autism) in Italy, Germany and Belgium. He was invited from Choreographers Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Nienke Reehorst to work for the piece OOK from “Theater Stap” in Belgium. Lately he did a workshop for people with Sclerosis Multiple in Berlin.

20 years ago he started a study in therapy based on intern movement in Switzerland called “Methode Danis Bois and Fasciateraphie” and he has been practicing it in his dance classes and workshops. „Dance as a tool of communication“, „Movement is life“ and „Deep tissue improvisation“ are some of the tittles he uses and with a very simple warm up and exercises based in different technics he knows like -Tai chi, Chi-gong, Yoga, Pilates, feldenkreis, Contact improvisation, release technic, floor work, Authentic movement and different martial arts; he works the movement as a language of communication with oneself, in a duo, or in a group, through space, music and time. He is developing a technique he has called Dance as an emotional therapy.

He has also curate and organize the first and the second Basque Choreograph Festival in Berlin, in 2009 and 2011.

He speaks Spanish, English, German, French and Italian fluently.